Vegan skincare has become increasingly popular, with many celebrities advocating vegan diets and vegan lifestyles, extending the choice of not using animal products or animal by-products to fashion and beauty products. Even if you are not vegan, there are many compelling reasons why you should still consider choosing vegan beauty. 

Here we’ll share with you some good reasons why you should definitely give vegan beauty a shot even though you may not be vegan.


1. Vegan beauty equals conscious beauty 

To be truly vegan, products cannot contain ingredients that are sourced from animals as well as their by-products. This means that animal-derived ingredients like squalane, honey, beeswax, snail mucin and lanolin are out of question even if the sourcing of some of these non-vegan ingredients actually do not harm animals at all. 

Squalane, an emollient similar in properties to squalene produced by sebaceous glands in our skin, was traditionally processed from the liver oils of sharks, and due to increasing environmental awareness, some commercial production of squalane are now being sourced from plants such as sugarcane or olives instead of from sharks. 

Lanolin is another common moisturizing ingredient found in non-vegan skincare products. It is a waxy, greasy substance typically derived from sheep, hence you won’t find them in vegan beauty. There are plenty of substitutes for lanolin, ranging from plant oils to seed butters, that are great for softening and moisturizing skin!

Ideally, vegan products should not be tested on animals as well. Vegan products can also be cruelty-free and organic at the same time. However, just because a product is vegan doesn’t mean it hasn’t been tested on animals. 

By choosing to use only vegan beauty products, you are making a conscious effort to be kinder to animals, to your skin and to the environment. 


2. Plant-based products are awesome

Thanks to the advancement of science and technology, well-formulated vegan products can be equally or even more efficacious and higher quality compared to non-vegan ones. Of course that can't be said for all vegan products out there.

Most vegan products focus largely on natural, plant-based ingredients brimming with nutrients beneficial to the skin. Some synthetically produced ingredients are also in the mix to ensure products function like they are intended to.

There are also vegan lab-created alternatives to some commonly used non-vegan ingredients that can be used as well. 


3. Vegan beauty is better for sensitive skin and is great for all skin types

Vegan beauty products tend to contain less preservatives, chemicals and toxins. Animal-derived ingredients can be harsh on your skin and could clog pores, making vegan skincare products a better alternative, especially for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

Plant-based ingredients found in vegan formulas are naturally packed with antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and other goodies to fend off free radicals and hydrate the skin. Vegan beauty is good for all skin types, and is definitely a better choice for sensitive skin. 


4. Vegan beauty is kinder to our planet

Climate research has shown that raising animals and processing animals for food and other ingredients is a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing to go for plant-based ingredients in beauty products, you are taking a step toward being kinder to Mother Earth. 


5. Vegan products for all budgets

Vegan beauty products are now more affordable than before. Whether you are looking for vegan skincare or makeup products, you can now get them at wallet-friendly prices. To be sure, choose from vegan brands that adopt a holistic approach across all their products and are also cruelty free. 

As you see, there are so many benefits to using vegan beauty products compared to non-vegan ones. Not only will we give our skin the best natural care it deserves, you’ll also feel better about being kinder to animals and our planet. 

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